Bed Bugs are back and they donít discriminate!!!

Seth 'n Trace bed bug detection team - 7KBTop Dog Scent Detection is looking out for your best interests. We are an independent inspection company and provide thorough, unbiased bed bug inspections. We do not profit from the treatment of bed bugs. The focus of our business is using our highly trained bed bug detection dogs to provide the most accurate and thorough inspections available. We complete our inspection service by providing education on what to do next depending on whether we did or did not find bed bugs. If you do not have bed bugs we can provide information on preventing bed bugs from hitchhiking in to your home or office. If you do have bed bugs we can educate you on the steps needed to prepare for a bed bug treatment. We are available to answer your questions about bed bugs long after we have completed our inspection.

Through our targeted detection of bed bug activity we can help you identify the sites of bed bug activity and minimize the number of rooms that will require bed bug treatment. We do not handle bed bug treatments; there is no conflict of interest in identifying areas designated for treatment. The result is lower treatment cost, less pesticide application and less time consumed in preparation. We bring you thirty years of pest control experience along with our highly trained bed bug detection teams.

Top Dog can also provide guidelines to help you prepare for treatment. However, it is critical that you follow the directions for preparation given to you by your pest control operator. Poor preparation is the number one reason for unsuccessful treatment. Our guidelines should be used in tandem with the recommendations from your pest control operator.

Bed bugs have infested everything from five-star hotels to college campuses and nursing homes. People are bringing the bugs home from family vacations and business trips. They can move from one personís belongings to another personís belongings on plane rides, mass transit, and in movie theaters. Given their unique hiding behavior, inspection for bed bugs must be more thorough than inspections for other pests like cockroaches and mice.

Bed bugs like to live in the Ďnestsí of their hosts. This could be your bedroom, mattress, couch or even sleeping bag. They feed quickly, in less than 12 minutes, and then move away and hide in mattress piping, headboards, baseboards and even electronics. A female bed bug can lay from 200 to 500 eggs during a 6 to 18 month lifespan.

Bites from bed bugs are often misdiagnosed as mosquito or spider bites. Sometimes they are thought to be the result of food allergies. The reaction to bed bug bites can vary from almost no evidence of a bite to large, red welts. The bites are usually found in a line on necks, arms and legs. Those are often areas that are exposed when someone is sleeping.

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