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Mission Statement

Top Dog Scent Detection Services' mission is to form a partnership with our clients in order to help them effectively combat the resurgence of bed bugs. We provide over 25 years of pest control experience, 20 years of client services and 15 years of dog training and rescue experience.

Top Dog offers a green and effective method to identify the location of your bed bug problem and the follow-up to confirm that the bed bugs have been eliminated.

Our dog handlers are certified in bed bug detection by the leading training facility for bed bug scent detection dogs, Florida Canine Academy in Safety Harbor, FL. We are re-certified on an annual basis. As part of our efforts to continue to support animal rescue, all of our scent detection dogs are rescued from the humane society.

Our goal is to minimize your expense and reduce the inconvenience of controlling and eliminating bed bugs from your home or business property. We strive to reduce the amount of pesticides that need to be applied during your bed bug treatment by targeting current bed bug activity. Top Dog Scent Detection Services will take the time to visually verify alerts given by our dogs.

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