Top Dog Bed Bug Detection Services

Top Dog Scent Detection Services utilize their scent detection dog and handler teams to provide bed bug detection services for, but are not limited to:

  • Hotel, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums, Extended Stay Lodging
  • Private Homes
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and their Dormitories
  • Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Centers
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes
  • Movie Theaters
  • Informal/Formal/Common Public Rooms (Lobbies, waiting rooms, conference rooms)
  • Cars, Vans, Taxicabs, and Limousines
  • Storage Facilities
  • Dry Cleaners

Areas we can search include but are not confined to:

Top Dog Scent Detection Services will help you determine which areas on your premises are in need of searches.

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Private Homes
  • Laundry rooms
  • Linen Closets
  • Locker Rooms
  • Staff lounges
  • Maid’s Quarters

Bed bug common hiding places:

Bed Bugs usually prefer to stay in the area where they feed, however; infestations can and do migrate to nearby rooms or even adjacent units in complexes.

  • behind wall paper
  • in crevices in headboards
  • in bed frames
  • boxsprings
  • mattresses
  • tufts, folds, even buttons on mattresses
  • clothes closets
  • baseboard and ceiling moldings
  • picture frames
  • window treatments
  • clocks
  • luggage
  • clothing
  • furniture, (dressers, night tables, built ins)
  • behind light and outlet switch plates
  • desks and chairs
  • cracks in wood floors
  • under carpets

Just about any place the edge of your business card can fit into, bed bugs can hide!!

Client lifestyle habits will help provide the information we need to determine the scope and location of our bed bug searches. Do you travel extensively? On return where do you place luggage to unpack? Where do you store emptied luggage? Did your children attend camp? Did the family go on vacation? Do you have a housekeeper or nanny who stays elsewhere on a regular basis? Do your children have sleepovers regularly? Do you ride mass transit to go to work

As you have been reading, you can see that there is an element of detective work involved in solving your bed bug problems. Our dogs’ sense of smell is over 95% effective in targeting bed bug activity – far superior to a visual inspection through the human eye.