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Bed Bug Information Comprehensive information to help people who have bed bugs, lots of news, current information and active bed bug related forums.

Bed Bug Informational Videos

Bedbug-Sniffing Dogs Major Weapon in Fighting the Parasite's Return - Armonk dog sniffs out bedbugs - See story and video

Bed Bug Dog: A New Application of a Proven Technology

MSNBC Video - Bed Bug Video

CBS Video - Bad News about Bed Bugs

Canine Rescue

ABMR Belgian Malinois Rescue The original rescue Belgian Malinois Rescue website.

Dog Training Equipment extensive offering of training equipment for professional dog trainers and owners of working dogs.

Metropolitan areas vs Bed Bugs

New York vs Bed Bugs is an advocacy group dedicated to helping New Yorkers who are dealing with bed bug infestations.

Bedbugs Are Back and They're Bleeding Us Dry: Bedbugs are back, and they're worse than ever. While pesticides kept them under control for most of the twentieth century, the bloodsucking fiends have had a notable resurgence . . . Read the Story

Trained Dogs Sniff Out Bed Bugs Trained dogs sniff out bed bugs in Colorado: As the bed-bug problem continues to grow across Colorado, relief comes from a 32-pound mutt named Macaroni.

News Stories

Dogs Excel on Smell Test to Find Cancer: In the small world of people who train dogs to sniff cancer, five dogs trained . . . to detect lung cancer . . . researchers have shown that dogs . . . Read the Article

Personal Health - Keeping Those Bed Bugs From Biting: . . . A family living in a $3 million private house in Brooklyn discarded rooms' worth of furniture . . . Read the Story

Travel and Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Cause British Airways Passenger to Set Up Complaint Website British Airways passenger claims bitten by bed bugs on two separate British Airways flights

What You Need to Know . . . Traveler's Card